- Place of birth:  Parkston, SD

 - Date of birth:  10/25/19??

 - Family: Mother - Barb  Sister - Toni  Father - Lindsey               (deceased)

 - Graduated from Ethan High School

 - Graduated from Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell,  SD

 - Favorite Sport:  Baseball

 - Favorite Food(s): 

            1.)  16 oz. medium rare prime rib, loaded baked potato,

                   and salad (w/ thousand island)          

                   2.)  BBQ'd ribs, baked beans, and corn.


            3.)  16 oz. ribeye medium, loaded baked potato, and salad.


            4.)  Fresh walleye.


 - Favorite Subject in School:  Science 

 - Soda:  Diet Mt. Dew

 - Movies:  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

                            Major League

                    Bull Durham

                    Uncle Buck

                    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

                    Great Outdoors

                    Back to the Future Thrilogy

 - Baseball Team:  Minnesota Twins

 - Football Team:  Minnesota Vikings

 - College Football Team:  Nebraska Cornhuskers

 - Music:  Eagles, Moody Blues, Dwight Yoakam, ZZ Top...a potpourri

 - Scent:  Beef/pork being flame-broiled (on the grill) and any blue candle

 - TV Show:  The Office, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfield, Family Guy, Twins Baseball,     Vikings Football (sometimes),  Andy Griffith

 - Candy:  Reese's

 - Color:  Royal Blue and Navy Brown

 - Car: Shelby Corbra

 -  Season:  Fall