Just a few pictures of some popular sights


Washington Monument


I wonder how they get all of the flags to point in the same direction?


Capitol Building from a distance


Lincoln Monument


Entrance to Arlington National Cemetary



A view of Washington DC from Arlington



Robert E Lee's home atop Arlington National Cemetary


Arlington National Cemetary






Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

One guard of the Tomb of the Unknown

changing of the guard


Arlington ampitheater

inside Arlington ampitheater

Cherry blossom in bloom



JFK family grave site

Robert Kennedy grave





Vietnam War Memorial


Vietnam War Memorial


Dick Chaney's motorcade arriving at White House early morning


Not sure who lives here.......must have a lot of money though.


There has been someone in the small tent by the yellow sign protesting nuclear weapons 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week  since 1980


Protestor in tent feeding a squirrel.


Washington home at Mount Vernon


View of the Potomac River out back of Washington's place


Washington's grave


Original Smithsonian museums

Entrance to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Inside Air and Space Museum

Hubble Space Telescope replica

Wright Flyer

WWII fighter planes

World's largest elephant


Triceratops fossil

Triceratops skeleton

T-Rex skull fossil

meteorites that fell in the US (made primarily of iron)

Prehistoric shark tooth (circle has 6 in diameter)

T-Rex skeleton


The Real Heart of the Ocean Diamond (Latest retail value: $20 million)

The actual 60 min stopwatch used in the TV show and the Lone Range's actual mask and silver bullet

(All items in the museum of American History are real)

Kermit the Frog puppet


Babe Ruth homerun ball (good thing I snapped the picture with the bar in the way)

C3PO costume and R2D2 robot

The coat General Custer was wearing at the Battle of Little Bighorn (notice the blood stain)

Edison's lightbulb

Einstein's Pipe

World's first home video game system (1968)


Some ancient fish that died shortly after eating something large.

Hat Lincoln was wearing at time of assassination (good thing I couldn't figure out the auto focus on the camera)

Actual sign used in the M*A*S*H opening credits

Dorothy's slippers, scarecrow costume and script from the Wizard of Oz

George Washington's Military Uniform

Jerry Seinfield's puffy shirt and Mr. Roger's sweater

The Washington Monument really isn't as big as they'd like you to believe........


Gettysburg battlefield in Gettysburg, PA



One of the numerous lots used to store newly-imported vehicles on the NJ side of NY harbor




Liberty State Park


Ellis Island


Ellis Island

more Ellis Island

Inside Ellis Island (imagine this place packed with hundreds and hundreds of immigrants)

Liberty Island from Ellis Island

Mt. Rushmore


NYC from Liberty Island

Verazzano-Narrows bridge that connects Brooklyn and Staten Island


Cruise ship passing through New York Harbor

If you squint, you can make out the outline of an aircraft carrier.



Pulling into NYC on ferry.




A view down a random NYC street

Art piece damaged on 9/11

Some random giant building

This is a rare species of a two-headed migratory bird called the whiteous newyorkicus birdicus.  This particular individual

is particularly rare because it has only the one head.